10% Off President's Day Sale| Why choose Schultz Optical loupes?

Given the many factors that you need to consider when choosing ergonomically designed dental loupes, picking the one that will best fit your needs and preferences can be both daunting and confusing. The challenge gets more intense knowing that today's dental loupes industry is becoming bigger and bigger. As the number of dental hygienists, dentists, surgeons, and students who realize the importance of magnification in their career continue to grow, the demand for dental and surgical loupes also increases. This prompted new players to jump into the arena of manufacturing dental magnification loupes.

Dental Office

Every now and then you can see new loupe products, brands, and innovations being introduced in the market. Each of them offers promising and amazing features. This makes choosing which loupes to purchase more challenging.

With the number of dental loupes manufacturers out there, why do many surgeons, dental hygienists, dentists, students, and dental educational institutions choose Schultz Optical? Here are a few reasons why.

High-resolution optics with a wide viewing field

All our dental and surgical magnification loupes are made of super high-resolution optics with triple layer coating and a wide viewing field.

Custom prescription fitting

If you are wearing glasses at work and you need to add prescription lenses to your Schultz loupes, you can avail of our custom prescription fitting option. You can choose to add your prescription lenses either on the standard titanium frame with Rx or the sporty frame with Rx. The Rx of the titanium frames is built directly into the frame. Whilst, the sporty frame has Rx inserts.

titanium frame Dental loupe

Affordable price

Our optical magnification loupes products are by far the most affordable high-quality loupes available in the market right now. Our company is the one who develops, innovates, and manufactures all the products. We have eliminated miscellaneous costs and retailer or middleman fees by selling all our products directly to our customers through our online shop Loupe Direct. This enables us to offer dental and surgical loupes at factory price without sacrificing quality.

Aside from very low price, we are also giving out discounts every now and then. In fact, we are currently on sale. This week we are offering 10% discount on our President's Day Sale. To avail of our 10% discount, use the promo code PR10 when placing your order.

Free surgical loupes storage case and accessory kit

Alongside the loupes that you ordered, we also receive an accessory kit and storage case. We offer all these items for free.

Instant access to online customer service

All our clients are given instant access to our online customer service. If you need assistance or you have some questions or inquiries about our products, you can contact our customer service anytime.

Lightest loupes in the market

If you are looking for the lightest loupes on the market right now, look no further because we are one of the very few companies that offer very light dental and surgical loupes. Our TTL loupes weigh less than 1 oz while our flip-up loupes weigh merely 2.5oz.

Aside from those mentioned above, we also offer a lifetime warranty and a risk-free 30-day satisfaction guarantee.


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