Flip-Up Dental Surgical Hygiene Loupes  2.0x-3.5x Flip-Up Dental Surgical Hygiene Loupes  2.0x-3.5x Flip-Up Dental Surgical Hygiene Loupes  2.0x-3.5x Flip-Up Dental Surgical Hygiene Loupes  2.0x-3.5x Flip-Up Dental Surgical Hygiene Loupes  2.0x-3.5x

Flip-Up Dental Surgical Hygiene Loupes 2.0x-3.5x

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The Schultz Flip-Up Dental Surgical Hygiene Loupes is light and sturdy. Loupes get heavy after a few hours; You want the lightest loupes you can find, but need the convenience of flip-ups. These are for you!

These loupes offer a wider field of view, with half the weight, half the cost, and can support our LED Dental Surgical headlight. Get everything you need in one lightweight package!

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Schultz Loupes provides the following warranties:

  • LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY on all telescopes and flip-up hinges
  • 1-YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY on all frames, headbands, and carrier lenses.
  • 1-YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY on the batteries
  • 3-YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY on Headlight parts

Under these warranties, Schultz Loupes warrants that the oculars, carrier lenses, flip-up hinges, headbands and frames, when new, and for the time period specified, will be free of defects in material and workmanship, and performs in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications, when subject to normal use. The warranty period begins on the original date of purchase from Schultz Loupes.

Any warranty that is listed above as being limited does not cover breakage or failure due to tampering, misuse, neglect, accidents, improper installation, modification, shipping, normal wear and tear, or to improper maintenance, service or cleaning procedures. These warranties are also void if the Product is not used in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations or instructions, if serviced by a party other than Schultz Loupes or its authorized agent, or if the serial number has been removed or altered in any way.

How to measure working distance

Selecting the optimum working distance will ensure that you maintain the correct ergonomic posture and focal distance. We offer a choice of four working distances.

To calculate your specific working distance, measure the distance between your eyes and the patients teeth while maintaining an ergonomic position.

Working Measurment Distance   Before Using Hygiene Loupes    After Using Hygiene Loupes

How to measure PD (Pupil Distance)

Your pupillary distance, or PD, is the distance between the centers of your pupils in millimeters (mm).
This measurement is necessary to ensure the correct positioning of the TTL loupes.
Because loupes are only used to view close objects, the PD you need for Loupes is called Near PD. Near PD is normally 2-3mm smaller than your regular PD. Make sure your optician is aware of this when you request your PD.
You have several ways to obtain Pupilary Distance, but we strongly recommend having your PD 
measured by a professional:

  • ● If you purchased glasses before, contact the store you bought the glasses from and ask them for NEAR PD(recommended)
  • ● Go to a local eyewear store or optometrist office and get your NEAR PD measured. Most will only charge approximately $5 for measuringyour NEAR PD. 
  • ● Contact your optometrist for your NEAR PD(recommended)

What is Puipillary Distance

What is Pd?