Dental Loupes TTL 2.0x-3.5x

You wear your dental surgical loupes for hours at a time, you want something as light as possible. Our Feather Series TTL Medical Loupes is the lightest weight class available. The Feather series frames come in a variety of colors.

In addition to the light weight, the Feather Series TTL Dental Surgical Loupes also give you a 25% wider field of view than flip up models. The 2.0 to 3.5 magnification is great for Dental work, offering a flat field of view with no distortion around the edges. Combine these loupes with our Feather Dental Surgical Headlights and you will feel the difference.

Don't forget that our TTL loupes cost less than half the price charged by the other companies and, they are covered by 30 day money back guarantee and a limited life time warranty.