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Customer Testimonial


n my 16 years of practice, I have already used at least 4 different dental loupes. My first optical loupe seemed to offer excellent quality optics. However, after a few months of use, I noticed that the image that I saw through the lens was getting cloudy. So I had to buy another loupe from a different manufacturer. Unfortunately, I was not satisfied with the new one. The same goes with the other loupes I bought. I tried Schultz Loupe and I am absolutely surprised with it. I have used my Schultz Loupe for more than 3 years already but it still looks and feel like a new one.


It was in my final years in college when my parents bought me a dental loupe from Schultz. And guess what, I am still using it until today in my daily practice as a resident dentist. After a few years of using it, I can say that nothing has changed with my loupe. It still offers a high-quality resolution, great magnification, and perfect fit.


I was absolutely not a fan of online shopping, most especially when it comes to buying expensive products and services. I have heard a lot of unfortunate stories and negative feedbacks from my colleagues about shopping online and I am afraid of being ripped off by some bogus online retailers. However, a friend of mine told me to try Schultz Optical and I am thankful I did gave it a try. I ordered a Fusion TTL Loupes with 2.5x magnification and provided them every single thing I wanted and needed from the loupe. I received my new loupes a few days later and they were just as I wanted and expected. Schultz Optical is such a reliable and honest company.


I was surfing the internet looking for dental loupes manufacturer when I stumble upon a forum thread. After reading some comments, I picked out the most mentioned company, it's Schultz. I did some research about the company and decided to try their Dental Loupes and Headlight Combo Feather TTL 3.0x. Although it was my first time to buy something expensive online, I felt at ease because their 30 Day Money-Back guarantee gave me enough assurance that I can get my money back whenever I am not satisfied with their product. Unfortunately, I was not able to use the 30 Day Money-Back guarantee because I really love my new loupes. Schultz Optical dental loupes are really worth a try!

Graeme Bembrick, DDS

As a first-time loupes user and buyer, I have lots of doubts and questions in mind. I love the fact that their customer service representative is very warm, accommodating, patient, and friendly despite the many questions I asked. Kudos to the company for having such an excellent customer service. A happy client here.