One of the Lightest Loupes
On the Market

SurgiTel patented high-resolution and lightweight optics have:

  • The lightest weights available
  • High definition Optics
  • Individual Laser alignment
  • Maximized depth of field options
  • Enhanced field size calibration
Galilean/Standard ViewPrism/Expanded view

SurgiTel® Micro Galliean Loupes

SurgiTel® Micro Prism Loupes

Other Standard Field Loupes #1

Other Prism Loupes #1

Other Standard Field Loupes #2

Other Prism Loupes #2

Designed to Protect Against
Back and Neck Pain

"My poor posture with traditional loupes nearly ended my surgical practice. 
SurgiTel® Systems alleviated the pain and saved my career."

-Raymond L. Singer, MD

SurgiTel Loupes
Neck at less than 15 degrees
Other Loupes
Neck bent and stretched

State of the Art Optical Lenses Produce Razor Sharp Images

  • SurgiTel offers the most magnification options: 2.5x - 8.0x
  • SurgiTel PrismPro® Line Magnifications, Unmatched in Loupes
  • Only SurgiTel offers the highest loupe magnifications with our patented lightweight optics

SurgiTel's PrismPro Line Loupes








Depth of Field
SurgiTel optics produce an extra-long depth of field to allow you to work easier

High Tech Design Guarantees Top Performance

Front-Lens-Mounted (FLM)

  • Customizable declination angle
  • Features patented stabilization technology for clear images and easier work
  • Patented vertical slide and double hinge mean a custom alignment to your personal working posture

Through-the-Lens (TTL)

  • Stronger declination angle results from SurgiTel's patented and patent pending technology
  • Patented frame tilt allows for better downward vision and more complete eye protection
  • Clear, stable images mean for easier, more comfortable work

Sports or Titanium Frames Offer both Style and Comfort


Our Titanium and Oakley frames feature:
  • Oakley's 3-Point-Fit spreads the loupe weight throughout the frame
  • Sturdy and lightweight materials first designed for athletes
  • Steep frame tilt angle enables the best loupe posture
  • Patented cushioned nose pad designs
  • Stabilizes Precision Optics

Money Back Guarantee and Life Time Warranty