One of the Lightest Loupes On the Market 

Galilean/Standard ViewPrism/Expanded view

SurgiTel® Micro Galliean Loupes

SurgiTel® Micro Prism Loupes

Other Standard Field Loupes #1

Other Prism Loupes #1

Other Standard Field Loupes #2

Other Prism Loupes #2

SurgiTel patented high-resolution and lightweight optics have:

  • The lightest weights available
  • High definition Optics
  • Individual Laser alignment
  • Maximized depth of field options
  • Enhanced field size calibration

Designed to Protect Against Back and Neck Pain

SurgiTel Loupes
Neck at less than 15 degrees
Other Loupes
Neck bent and stretched

"My poor posture with traditional loupes nearly ended my surgical practice. 
SurgiTel® Systems alleviated the pain and saved my career."

-Raymond L. Singer, MD


State of the Art Optical Lenses Produce Razor Sharp Images

  • SurgiTel offers the most magnification options: 2.5x - 8.0x
  • SurgiTel PrismPro® Line Magnifications, Unmatched in Loupes
  • Only SurgiTel offers the highest loupe magnifications with our patented lightweight optics

Depth of Field
SurgiTel optics produce an extra-long depth of field to allow you to work easier
None 2.5x 3.0x 3.5x
4.5x 5.5x 6.5x 8.0x
SurgiTel's PrismPro Line Loupes

High Tech Design Guarantees Top Performance

Front-Lens-Mounted (FLM)

  • One of the lightest loupes on the market
  • Protect your back and neck from injury and pain
  • Professional grade optics produce razor sharp HD images

Through-the-Lens (TTL)

  • High tech design guarantees best performance
  • Sports or Titanium frames offers both style and comfort
  • Money back guarantee and life time warranty
A frame for every face
Our combination of nosepad, mounting and frame options provide a comfortable and stable fit

Sports or Titanium Frames Offer both Style and Comfort


Our Titanium and Oakley frames feature:
  • Oakley's 3-Point-Fit spreads the loupe weight throughout the frame
  • Sturdy and lightweight materials first designed for athletes
  • Steep frame tilt angle enables the best loupe posture
  • Patented cushioned nose pad designs
  • Stabilizes Precision Optics

Money Back Guarantee and Life Time Warranty(放保障的内容)

Micro Line Loupes

  • Lightest full-feature loupe in the industry
  • Standard Field (Galilean) and Expanded Field (Prism)
  • 2.5x – 4.5x

Compact Line Loupes

  • More compact than traditional loupes
  • Standard Field (Galilean) and Expanded Field (Prism)
  • 2.5x – 4.5x

PrismPro Line Loupes

  • Higher magnification for high-precision procedures
  • Expanded Field (Prism) Only
  • 5.5x – 8.0x