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Protective Eyewear

Benefits Of Protective Eyewear

Many of us do not know the importance of safety eyewear. To start with, the design and performance of safety glasses conform to a higher standard of impact resistance when compared with regular glasses. When considering the safety glass as a whole, the lens and frame are both designed to match safety standards as issued by the regulatory authorities. Protective glasses are specifically designed from polycarbonate which is shatter-resistant materials and have been used since 1970 for aerospace applications. You will be surprised to learn that helmets, which are considered protective wear while driving two-wheelers are also designed from polycarbonate.

Polycarbonate safety eyewear is considered 10 times more resistant than plastic or glass lenses. They are extremely lightweight and offer 100% protection from ultraviolet radiation both UVA and UVB.

The consolidation of protective glasses refers to a single pair of durable prescription safety glasses. People also prefer additional eye protection glasses over their prescription glasses which is also considered an attractive and useful option. However, cleaning may be a challenge.

Sports like squash, tennis, and baseball have a high probability of causing an eye injury. It may also be due to fingers poked right into the eyes or from elbow jabs. All type of sports includes flying objects that may pose a tremendous threat to the eyes, mandating specialized eyewear. Prescription safety glasses and protective eyewear are a great rescue.

Prescription protective eyewear is highly versatile, specifically designed for both indoors and outdoors. They are designed with special fortification to combat ultraviolet radiation as well as prevent any form of debris, and dust indoors.

Protective Eyewear

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