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Frequent Asked Questions
How many days can I keep the demo loupes and headlights?
We offer a 5 day free trial, but if you want to extend your trial period, you can email us at or call 831-521-2777 to apply for an extension.
How do i send back your demos?
We have included a prepaid return label with the package. Simply seal up the box, affix the return label to the outside of the box and drop it off at the post office.
I thought the demo program is free, why do I see a small a charge on my statement?
The demo program is absolutely free! You might see a small authorization on your statement ($20-$40), but it is for security purposes only and no money is withdrawn from your account. The authorization will be released after your trial ends.
Why can't I see through the demo loupes clearly?
The demo loupes are for you to evaluate the craftsmanship, weight and optical quality of the product only. Since it is not made according to your personal specification, you might not be able to see through it as well as the custom made set. But don't worry, once you order your own set of loupes , we will make same quality loupes according to your own specification, and you will have the perfect view. We guarantee it !
What is the Working Distance and Pupil Distance of the demo loupes?
The demo loupes come with a standard Working Distance of 16 inch or 420mm, and a standard Pupil Distance of 62mm. If you are able to see through the loupes clearly, then your Pupil Distance is between 61-63mm.
I am ready to order, what measurements are needed?
To order your fully customized loupes, we will need your Pupil Distance and Working Distance. For more detailed instruction on how to get those measurements, please watch the instruction video above.
If you have questions or need help with your order,
please call Roger @ 831-521-2777