flip up dental loupes

Flip-Up Galilean Dental
Surgical Loupes


From: $199

Surgical Led Headlight

LED Dental Surgical
Headlight  With Filter

From: $599

Through the Lens TTL Dental Surgical Loupes

TTL Dental Surgical Loupes


From: $499

flip up surgical loupes

Flip-Up Prismatic Dental
Surgical Loupes


From: $599

clip on  loupes

Clip-On Dental Surgical
Medical Loupes



loupe headlight combo

Dental Loupes & Headlight

Save 10%

From: $718

  • Improved ergonomic posture

  • Reduced eye, neck and back fatigue

  • Enhanced view of your instruments

  • Better visualization of the oral cavity

  • Increased patient confidence and satisfaction
When purchasing dental loupes or surgical loupes, you should take following aspects into consideration:

  • Quality of the Optics
  • Quality of the Frame
  • Magnification Required
  • Light Transmission
  • Depth of Field
  • Field of View
  • Working Distance
  • Flip-Up loupe versus TTL loupe
  • Comfortable Fit
  • Guarantee and Warranty

For detailed information, please refer to the
How to choose dental loupes section.
Schultz Dental Loupes Advantage

-- High resolution optics with wide viewing field --

-- Sleek sporty frames or titanium frames --

-- Custom prescription fitting --

-- 14 Day money back guarantee --

-- Life time warranty --

-- Free surgical loupes storage case and accessory kit --

-- Instant access to online customer service --

Benefits of dental loupes ( surgical loupes )

FAQ On Our Dental Surgical Loupes

How can you at Schultz discount your Dental Loupes Surgical Loupes and
Dental Headlights so much?

Since we are bringing products from the factory directly to you via the internet, we have eliminated
distributor and wholesaler mark-ups, retail space rent, behind-the-counter employees and
warehousing. These savings are passed on to you, the general public.

dental and surgical loupes and dental headlights?

We pay special attention to the entire dental and surgical loupes production process. We
manufacture both the mechanical and the optical parts of the product, and we apply a "Total Quality
Control" method through every step of production. visually inspected  before leaving the factory.

product within 14 days; no questions asked.
Every one of our loupe mechanisms come with a lifetime warranty and a 2 year warranty is provided
on all frames.

For more detailed information please visit our
Dental Loupes ( Surgical Loupes ) Warranty Policy

How long has Schultz been in the medical loupes business?

Our factory has been manufacturing dental and surgical loupes for more than 8 years. With our new
factory direct sales approach, you will receive the benefit of our manufacturing expertise at the
lowest prices in the industry.

How do I choose the right pair of medical loupes?

dental ttl loupes
"Feather" Dental
Surgical TTL Loupes
2.0x -- 3.5x

From $599
dental led headlight
"Feather" Dental
Surgical Medical
LED Headlight

From $599
surgical ttl loupes
"Feather" Dental
Surgical TTL Loupes
4.0x -- 6.0x

From $699
New "Feather" Series Super Light Loupes and Headlight
Page Barden DDS, MSD

I received the loops
yesterday and they are
perfect.  Your company
really does do what it
says, and in today's
market that is a rarity.  
I will let my associates
know of the great
customer service and
product you have.  
Thank you ever so
Graeme Bembrick, DDS

Just to let you know I
received my order for
sporty Galilean flip-up
loupes today, and want
you to know that I am
extremely pleased with
the prompt service,
and excellence of the
product and its carry
container, so thank-you
very much!